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What is Planorama?

Planorama is a software company focusing on developing tools to provide training to participants / employees.

The system supports business-oriented solutions for communication, training and follow-up – We call it Activity Management System.

Descriping Planorama could also contain words as

  • Talent Management
  • Performance Management
  • Compliance
  • Learning Management (LMS) and
  • Course Management

The system is characterized by easy-to-us and high functionality. It saves time and increases the efficiency of the employee.

We handle processes regarding:

Vores værdier

Vi er en relationsskabende og lærende organisation. Vi udviser fleksibilitet, og vi lytter for at lære og udvikle.

Vi er positive, og har en fleksibel og agil tilgang til opgaveløsning. Vi er passionerede og brænder for at levere den bedste løsning.

Vi leverer
Vi overholder vores aftaler, og vi er ærlige. Vi arbejder med respekt for, at vores kunder, samarbejdspartnere og vi selv kan levere de bedste faglige og økonomiske resultater.

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Our experienced employees will provide competent services in all our solutions.

We always train super users to maximize the benefit of the solution you have chosen.

The future

The next step in our development will be a recruitment module where synergy across all areas can be exploited. Specifically, this means that a report on competence gaps can be used to create job postings.

Reflect on what Planorama can do for you?

Please do not hesitate to call us at +45 25 79 75 05, or you can send us your information by filling out the formular below. Then we will be able to evaluate your options within the various Planorama tools.

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