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Competencies and profiles

Planorama’s competence management makes it possible to get an overview of all employees, groups of employees or a single employee and their skills.

A completed training or participating a course will automatically make a mark on the employees CV.

Updated competency lists

Planorama ensures, among other things, updated list and documentation of employee skills as required by many international quality standards. In Planorama you can also create your own reports to make the exact view you need.

Participation in a prequalification or tender, it is easy to export data and document competences on a group of employees. All competencies can be evaluated to show the level for a given competence. It will typically be the manager in charge who assesses the level of competencies.

Why choose Planorama?

 Easy to create and maintain
 Blended learning – a combination of presence courses and e-learning
 Employee CV
 Export data eg. prequalifications or tender
 Automatic reminder on certifikates with an expiration date

Reflect on what Planorama can do for you?

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