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Quality, Documentation and Compliance

Increased transparency and documentation

The Employees are an important part of the company’s quality and management system. The automatical securing and documenting knowledge can be a timesaver for the administration.

Planorama ensures targetted training new employees from day one.
For example, an automatic Onboarding Portal can provide new opportunities for structured training of the new employee. For existing employees, training always be tracked and documented.

Reduce deviations and errors

Errors or deviations in the organization, can create a need for new custom procedures and instructions. Send the new instructions to the targetgroup and test the understanding of the new information.

Planorama has different options for effect measurement. Use Planorama for effect measurement of course, new procedures and training. The competencies overview can be measured at country, regional or department level. It is also possible to see a single employee before, during and after the initiatives.

Easy to use and the intutive timeline

Planorama has a high focus on the time saving expirence for both administration and end-user. Our unique timeline for planning progress makes the solution easy and intuitive to use.

Other applications

  • Internal examination and tests
  • Questionnaires for eg. satisfaction surveys, APV etc.
  • Onboarding Portal (training and information to new employees)
  • Blended learning
  • Course Administration
Why choose Planorama?

 Effektive reportmodule
 Transparency in developing competencies
 Match between startknowledge and goal
 Easy integration to other systems

Reflect on what Planorama can do for you?

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