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Digital education plans

Digital education plans allow targeted training of employees or external suppliers. The system ensures that employees are automatically invited to complete their training, as well as reminding  automatically.

Ongoing ajustments

New procedures or changed instructions are easily updated in the system, and the relevant employees receive notification of the new modules or changes required to be completed before a given date.

Automatic training and communication

With clear defined competence requirements for roles and functions, Planorama can automatically target the employee’s standard education.

The training can contain:

• E-learning with videos and slides
• Documents for review
• Questionnaires for examiniations and test (often combined with the above mentioned)
• Presence courses
• Administration and follow up on Colleague training

Individual employee development

In Planorama, the modules can be combined a request in an interview can be transformed into a new competence or training program.
Automatic and safe dataflow between the modules.

Certifications and expiration dates

The education plans can be managed with expiration dates, ensuring that the employees competencies always is up to date. Reminders ensure that no certificates expire without notification.

The possibilities are many – let’s discuss your specific situation together.

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Why choose Planorama?

 Easy to create and maintain target
 Target training for specific groups or for all
 Easy access for the employee by browser or App
 Automatic communication
 Automatic reminder by using the intuitive timeline
 Easy overview for supervisor or management

Reflect on what Planorama can do for you?

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