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Onboarding with an introduction process that will ensure the new employee’s knowledge and skills.

The process can be used, when the goal is to bring the employee to work as soon as possible. The sooner a new employee is “up-and-running” the faster the employee can “produce”.

A solution from Planorama allows the organization to set up an onboarding Center that ensures that all employees receive targeted training – regardless of industry and employment.

This involves targeted mandatory learning, which is automatically distributed to all, or selected employees, based on the department and / or function.

Screendump. Overview of personal training seen from end-users. The user has completed 2 training modules and lacks the Planorama Basic Course.

An onboarding solution from Planorama can be used for:

• Introduction to the employee
• Department introduction, maybe with a video
• Managing certificates
• Customer Academy
• Sales Training
• Training of suppliers
• Producttraining

Start training before the first day

Unique to Planorama is the ability to build and maintain introductory training over a visual timeline. The training can be targeted the entire company or specific departments / roles – and the training can be available before the first working day.

Several administrators can use the same solution and maintain parts of the onboarding process. The Marketing Department can deliver presentations and material on the product portfolio, etc.

The training modules can be mandatory and the other modules is locked until the mandatory modules has been completted.

Userfriendly solution

Planorama is in constant movement towards high functionality, great workflows and easy-to-use for both the administrator and the end-user. It is very important for us that our solutions is not an administrative burden and difficult for employees to use.

The employee  has no difficult log on procedures. The system automatically addresses the employee, with direct link to the current task.
The system communicates by mail, text and push from the APP.


The responsible manager gets a visual overview of the ongoing and completed training modules.

Screendump. Competence overview

Why choose Planorama?

Effective control of data
Automatic reminders and follow ups
Targetted standard information and training for all new employees
Structured training of different employee types

Reflect on what Planorama can do for you?

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