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Tracking the effect

A growing global competition requires constant development of the company’s services, products and offers. There is a need to increase employee knowledge and to document this.

But how do you ensure that the investment in employee education can pay off and that the business goals are achieved? And how is it documented?

Possibilities with Planorama

With Planorama, new possibilities are gained in terms of competence development within the company. Tracking of the effect can easily be integrated into all development initiatives.

The PlanoramaMethod provides you with the tools to create consistency in actions, to ensure implement of the company’s strategic goals down to the specific course content.

Selected questions that can be addressed in connection with tracking the effect of training:

  • Is there a connection between the business goals and our initiative?
  • What impact will the initiative have on the employee – personally and professionally?
  • What current CPIs can we activate to the initiative?
  • How do we follow up and ensure better implementation?
  • How many administrative resources should be used?

Integration to Business Intelligence-Solutions

Planorama can be set up to deliver data to your BI solution. In this way data can be re-used in other business contexts.

Please contact us for more information and let us here your challenges.

Why choose Planorama?

 Effektive report module
Transparency in competence development
Matches between goals and offers
 Easy integration to other systems

Reflect on what Planorama can do for you?

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