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Planorama creates a central overview of the interviews for the company (MUS, GRUS, Competence-, Exit- and 3 months-interviews). It is ensured that there is an action plan for each employee and an automatic follow-up.

The interviews can be completely different in structure and may contain varying questions. The interviews can be connected to specific departments or the entire organization. Common are the following essential elements:

• Central initiation of interview progress from administrator
• Administrator selects the period for the interviews
• The manager is advised on planning the interviews within the period
• The manager has a visual overview of the employees
• Managers and employees preparation ensure confidentiality
• An individual action plan will be prepared for each interview
• Automatic reminder on the actionplan.
• Automatic reminders to the person in charge of the individual tasks.

Screendump – Quick view of status.

Screendump – Quick view of status. Summit the employee with one click and select date.

Design an advanced interview

Use the other modules and expand the preparation process with competence clarification and assessment of the employee.

It is among other things possible to settle your APV while preparing for the interview. It saves a lot of time across the organization as time is optimally utilized.

Much more than the annual employee interview

The solution can handle multiple interviews. Use the same solution to manage coaching, competencies, exit, 3-month interviews and much more.

Why choose Planorama?

Merging data to other modules
 Automatic reminders
Structured preparation procedure for employee and manager
Archive for action plans
Easy export of data

Reflect on what Planorama can do for you?

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