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Network activities

Planorama makes it easy to manage your network activities.

Planorama makes it easy to plan and settle meetings and events. The system handles:

• Send invitations and reminders with calendar files that allow the participant to save the activity in his og her own calendar with a single click
• Export participantlists for printing nametags or other
• Test and studies

Invitations and questionnaires

With Planorama it is possible to systemize the registration process to the individual meeting according to your needs.

For example, you may include a questionnaire in the invitation to conduct a survey of the meeting – the results of the study can then be included in the preparation and developing meetings in the future.

The agenda can be enclosed in the invitation.

Planning events and meetings

Planning is easy in Planorama. A fixed template makes it easy to create new activities – Choose a date and location and youre reday to send out the invitation. All information is imported from the template. Meetings and activities can be planned maybe one year ahead and the timeline does the rest of the work with automatic invitations and reminder. It minimizes manual workflows and follow-up procedures by phone or mail.

Participant possibilities

Participants receive direct and relevant communication with links to the information that concerns them.

Participants can maintain their own profile and see future activities. Our great focus on easy-to-use satisfies the end-user. One click to participate and they can get on with thir other tasks.

Contact us for a further dialogue about your situation and your possibilities.

Why choose Planorama

 Easy to create and maintain
 Plan activities and let the timeline do the rest
 Easy sign-up – One click for sign-up or cancellation
 Chat with the other members
 Invitation and reminders to the member/participants in good time
 Export data for printing nametags and other

Reflect on what Planorama can do for you?

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